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A n n u a l Statistical Report of Non Government Schools, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
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Abbottabad Bannu Chitral
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PURPOSE OF ESRUThe Main Purpose of the Unit was to: Plan, Coordinate, Monitor and Evaluate the ongoing reforms activities/programs agreed with the DPC and future reforms activities/programs. FUNCTIONS OF
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EMIS stands for “Education Management Information System”. In a very simple and straightforward way it may be understood as “An Information System for Managers of the Education System” EMIS is a Tool for:
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Vision and Planning of Elementary & Secondary Education Department Education is first priority. Focus on girls Education. Education centered development. Public sector is the main arena. Enhancement of Education Sector A.D.P.
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Creation of Provincial Institute for Teacher Education (PITE) Provincial Institute for Teacher Education (PITE) Peshawar had been established under the teacher training Project in 1997, which pres
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Designation:   Director ESRU
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ADP for 2015-16
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Formulation of policies, strategies and regulations for Schools Education & Literacy. Preparation of Annual Developmental Program (ADP) for Elementary and Secondary Education Sector.
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“Developing human resources in Pakistan as a pre-requisite for global peace, progress and prosperity”“The National Education System to meet the basic learning needs of our society em
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Complementing this Mission, the vision for the education sector is as follows: • Provide quality education enabling all citizens to reach their maximum potential;• Produce responsible and skilled citiz
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